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Student Selection


Students are selected into the Blackwood Program. No student is sent to Blackwood. Blackwood is an educational setting for students wanting to make some positive changes. If a student does not want to attend Blackwood they will definitely not be selected into the program.

Student Referral :

A student, parent, school or other agency may initiate an expression of interest in a placement at Blackwood. Most referrals, however, are initiated by the student’s home school. Students along with their parents / carers are invited to a Blackwood Information Session to investigate whether the student would benefit by participating in the Blackwood program.

Blackwood Information Session :

All students and their parents / carers are expected to attend one of the Blackwood Information Sessions. The sessions are designed to provide potential students and their parents / carers with additional information about the Blackwood program, meet the Blackwood staff, view the facilities, and make an appointment for a Major Interview. Each session will last about one hour.

Blackwood Information Sessions for Semester 2 2014 :

Thursday 22nd May, 2014 commencing @ 7:00pm

Thursday  5th June, 2014 commencing @ 7:00pm

Friday 13th June, 2014 commencing @ 11:00am


Major Interview :

Following the Information Session if the student (and their parents / carers ) still want to pursue a place in the next program they must complete a Major Interview. Each interview is conducted by a member of the Blackwood Teaching Staff and the student attends with their parents / carers. Each interview lasts between 1 1½ hours. Students are asked many questions and towards the end of the interview individual goals are established for each student. Essentially we are looking for students who are open and honest, and students who are ready to make some positive changes.


Selecting the Next Group :

Once all students have been interviewed Blackwood Staff then have the difficult job of selecting twenty students that will make up the next Blackwood group. To formulate the best possible group, Blackwood Staff will select a group which has a range of student presenting behaviours, a balance of year levels and student ages, a balance of males and females ( a minimum of 6 girls ),  and a group which represents students from a number of participating secondary colleges ( usually 8 10 colleges ). At the conclusion of this process we will have a group of twenty students who want to attend Blackwood, have agreed to work towards their individually negotiated goals, and have agreed to have a genuine attempt at all tasks requested by Blackwood staff. Students will also have the support of their parents or carers and the support of the student’s base secondary college.

It is a privilege for students to participate in the Blackwood program. Blackwood provides students with a wonderful opportunity to make some significant changes and work towards being a person that they like and a person who is a positive member of the wider community. Each Blackwood student receives a Blackwood Scholarship from the students home college which financially supports the placement. In monetary terms, a Blackwood placement is significantly more costly than a government secondary college at no additional cost to the student’s family.