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Management and Staff

Blackwood Committee of Management

Blackwood Centre for Adolescent Development (Blackwood Annexe) is overseen by a Committee of Management which monitors and oversees the administration of Blackwood in a supportive and advisory capacity. The Blackwood Committee of Management is responsible to Drouin Secondary College, its council and its Principal, who retain the overall responsibility for the administration of Blackwood. Blackwood is accountable to the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development through the Drouin Secondary College. The Blackwood Committee of Management is comprised of representatives from participating colleges, community representatives, Blackwood Staff, the Blackwood Team Leader, the West Gippsland Regional Network Leader, and the Principal of Drouin Secondary College as host College Principal. Committee of Management Members:

  • Chairperson: Cr Peter Kostos - Councillor, Baw Baw Shire
  • Deputy Chairperson: Mr Rod Dunlop - West Gippsland Trade Training Centre Project Manager,
  • Host College Principal: Ms Deb Gentle – Acting Principal, Drouin Secondary College
  • Executive Officer: Mr Ben Soumilas - Blackwood Team Leader
  • Minute Secretary: Mrs Karen Thomson - Blackwood Office Manager
  • DEECD Mr Shane Wainwright – Senior Education Improvement Leader
  • Committee member: Ms Jacqueline Veal – Assistant Principal, Warragul Regional College



Base Staff:

  • Ben Soumilas – Current Team Leader “Souma”
  • Meg Evans - Teacher "Meg"
  • Carmen Daldry - Teacher "Carmen"
  • Karen Thomson - Office Manager "Kak"
  • Holly Batchelor - Youth Worker "Holly" (Leave)
  • Jody Yandle – Youth Worker "Jody"
  • Oscar Correa - Chaplain "Oscar"
  • David Hayes - Team Leader "Hayesy"(Leave)
  • Julie Hayes - Teacher "Jules"(Leave)

Specialist Staff:

  • Lynne Stephenson - Consultant Artist "Lynnie"
  • Sue Osborn – Artist “Sue”
  • Kath Paynter - First Aid Trainer "Kath"
  • Ken - Bus Driver "Ken"
  • Mariama Camara - Djembe Instructor "Mariama"


  • Denis Bourke - Human Resources, Centre for Executive Development
  • Neil Budd - Grounds
  • Peter Dumergue - Photography
  • John Mace - Information Technology, Stockyard Computers
  • Gerry O’Keeffe - Environment "Gezz"
  • Richard Delaney - Camp Leader "Richie"
  • Sarah Delaney - Camp Leader "Sarah"
  • Michael Staszak - Camp Leader "Stasz"
  • Sarah-Jane Staszak - Camp Leader "SJ"