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Blackwood  Manifesto





The Official Shield Shape is to proudly position Blackwood in the historical and traditional context of providing a positive place of learning.

At the base we see two branches of a tree (a Blackwood); they also represent encompassing arms - supportive and nurturing. These branches and the leaves at their top symbolize growth and achievement. The leaves are also representative of wings, symbolising the notion of our program being the basis where our graduates may gain the skills and knowledge to follow their dreams and aspirations in the future in the hope that they will literally take off!

The central symbol indicates, at one level, the problems of being a square peg being hammered into a round hole. We all know the story, but for me, the designer, it is also an image of balance and compatibility. The peg has been carved from Blackwood timber and the disc spins in a saturnarian ring of honed metal. Both elements are so exquisitely different, the wood being organic, the metal disc having been born from basic minerals, forming a creation. These oppositional elements portray the desperate need for an understanding of individuality and difference without opposition.

In summary, the Blackwood Manifesto is about identity and the right for all individuals to reach their own exciting potential.

Lynne Stephenson

BA Visual Arts.

MA Social Theory.