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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my son/daughter enrolled in Blackwood?

The first step is to speak to the school where your son/daughter is enrolled. If they will support your application, then it is wise to come out to Blackwood to see the place and to talk to staff. Once you decide you’d like to apply, you need to ring the centre and arrange an interview. Your school may even do this for you.

How much will it cost?

The total cost for the program at the current time is $150 for excursions and incidentals and $100 towards camp fees. This is the entire cost involved other than spending or meal money on school excursions.

How long does the program run?

The program runs for a full semester or two full school terms.

Do they have a uniform?

Students at Blackwood do not need to wear uniform, but must come to school attired in neat, casual clothes.

What do students do for lunch?

There is no tuck shop at the school so students must bring their own food. Full cooking facilities are available and students can heat up food in the microwave or toast sandwiches if required.

Where are the bus pickups?

The Blackwood bus picks up students at the Warragul Railway station and at Porter Place, near the Drouin Railway station.

Do I get my travel costs reimbursed?

Travel costs are mostly reimbursed by a Conveyance Allowance administered by the Education Department via the students home college.

If I am not offered a place after the interview, can I reapply?

If a student misses out on a placement, they may reapply at the next lot of intake interviews.

What support is given once students are back at school?

Once back at school, students are encouraged to keep contact with the Blackwood staff. The staff also ring the schools on a regular basis when the students return to their home schools. The Remembering Program is a two day follow up program for students, held approximately one month after returning to school. Following this, students may also be invited out for one or two days with the new group. Liaison teachers are appointed at the home schools and they keep in contact with Blackwood staff if there are any concerns regarding the student’s progress.