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Curriculum Outline

Literacy & Communication

This unit involves students in reading, viewing, comprehension, writing, clear thinking, speaking and listening activities designed to develop their skills and achieve improved outcomes and increased confidence. Themes used reflect current adolescent issues which complement risk focused prevention strategies.

Mathematics & Logic

This unit involves inductive and deductive thinking / reasoning, numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns. Students will complete mathematical worksheets, Maths Mate skill development sheets, number puzzles, enrichment mathematics sheets and problem solving exercises.

Personal Development

This unit involves students working towards individually negotiated goals, learning new strategies to cope with challenging situations, learning to accept constructive criticism and praise, reflective learning, and learning about the role of adolescence.

Interpersonal / Team Development

This unit involved students learning about the dynamics of building a successful and constructive team by actively participating in the development of the Blackwood team. Students actively learnt about team leadership / followership, constructive / destructive behaviours, and the importance of tolerance, encouragement and accepting constructive critism / praise. Tools used for this unit included the “Deep Pass” Wilderness camp, rostered duties such as ground maintenance and school clean-up, initiative activities, secretarial duties, hosting visitors, cooperative drama and group based activities etc. Discussion work also centred on the family as a team and other team based models.

Computer Applications & Problem Solving

This unit involves students completing specifically selected computer software programs which allow students to look at tasks and problems from different perspectives and to solve them in different ways. The programs used incorporate Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Creative Technology

This unit involves students completing a set number of work pieces in the areas of visual art and ceramics.

Health Science

This unit explores a range of health issues.

Work covered includes Sex Education, First Aid, Drug and Alcohol Education, Diet and Nutrition and Human Behaviour.

The First Aid component includes the assessment and presentation of a basic First Aid certificate.