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Welcome to Blackwood



School Not Going Well ?

Are You Aged Between 13 15 Years ?

Do You Lack Confidence ?

Are You Missing More School Days Than You Should ?

Are You Struggling To Do Your Schoolwork ?

Do You Dislike Who You Are Or How People Treat You ?

Do You Struggle Forming Relationships With Friends Or Adults ?

Do You Behave Differently To Other Students ?




Blackwood is a six month early intervention program designed as a catalyst for change for students at risk of prematurely dropping out of secondary school. All students remain enrolled in their home school with the intention of returning to school at the end of the program better equipped to cope within the environment of school, home and the community.


Blackwood’s structure, curriculum and purpose have been designed to impact on risk factors and problem behaviours before they become established as well as providing protective factors essential for the formulation of healthy beliefs and clear standards.


Have a good look through our website. If what you see appeals to you, get your parent / guardians to have a look as well. Then make sure you get to one of our Open days ( See key dates ) to meet the Blackwood Staff and have a look at our cool little school. That will get you started.